Dog Alert

The fields around Beckford Community Village Hall have long been used for exercising dogs. Villagers, and others, arrive on foot or by car and take their dogs with them around the fields.

Recently, two problems have arisen.

First, dogs have been seen on the upper part of the fields, beyond the hedge where a notice says ‘no dogs beyond this point’. The reason this notice was put there some years ago is that the upper field is used by children and young people, for playing football and training. We do not want them to encounter the mess that even well-behaved and controlled dogs may leave there. The mess raises serious health issues in that dog faeces can cause severe illness, even leading to blindness, in children. We therefore request that everyone should be careful to observe this restriction, which still leaves plenty of space for dogs to run around on the lower field.

Secondly, and very regrettably, some people have been leaving dog mess in the general waste bins, ignoring the special bins provided for the purpose. This creates a very unpleasant task for the local volunteers who empty the bins, as well as causing the waste bins to get into an unhygenic state.

We hope that everyone concerned will take note of these points and respond accordingly. Some local playing fields do not allow dogs. The BCVH committee want to continue to provide this popular local facility, but if problems continue we may have no alternative but to ban dogs on our fields.
BCVH Ltd committee

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